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Bamboo Flooring

The latest trend in floor coverings is undoubtedly bamboo, an ecological and versatile flooring solution. Andersens stock bamboo products in a range of colours, sizes and manufacturing styles including fully floating click locked floors.

Our preferred supplier, Clever Bamboo, ensures that the product they supply Andersens is harvested and manufactured using the latest extremely environmental friendly techniques, incorporating compliance with the E1 standards. It is stronger than most hardwoods, and it does not take hundreds of years to grow, as do hardwoods of comparable density. Bamboo grows into a mature tree ready to harvest approximately every 4 years. Each tree in the managed bamboo forest is identified and selected for the season and year for harvest. Unlike wood plantations, the bamboo trees are not all harvested at the same time, so the bamboo forests are not clear felled. This process ensures that the bamboo forest is always present to help reduce greenhouse gases. Furthermore, the whole bamboo tree is used effectively for manufactured products, from flooring to tooth picks, eliminating any waste. It looks and feels like hardwood, but of course it is so much more environmentally friendly.

Contact your local Andersens store today to find out more about a bamboo flooring solution to meet your specific requirements. You can also click here to view our FAQs on bamboo.

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